Welcome to Jenson!

3rd August 16

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Anchor Room.  Jenson is a Cockerpoo and only a few months old, but has already begun to settle into school life with his owner, Mrs Johnson – our Learning Mentor. 

Studies have shown that children turn to pets for emotional wellbeing, choosing pet companionship when feeling down. Children are also found to seek out pets when feeling tired, upset, scared or lonely and some enjoy doing homework with pets nearby.

Being around animals is extremely good for children and we believe that Jenson will be good for morale, teach children about relationships and about the needs of other living beings.  Learning to care for Jenson will help them to learn how to care for people.  Studies have also shown that caring for pets aids in improving school attendance and teaches children about responsibility.

We believe that Jenson will encourage nurturing, build self-esteem, teach responsibility and social skills but above all will become a great friend to all of us here at Darlinghurst.

Here are some initial thoughts from the children who have met Jenson:

“Jenson cheers me up”           “Having Jenson here encourages children to make friends”

“He’s fun to play with”                       “Stroking Jenson calms me down”