Information for Parents

Thank you for visiting this area of the website and we hope that it is useful.  We aim to communicate in a number of ways and value positive communication and relationships.

At Darlinghurst, staff meet and greet parents and children at the gate and there is opportunity for parents to talk to teachers at the end of the day or to arrange appointments.

The academy has a number of staff that can provide family support and a point of contact. This can be from Inclusion and Pastoral, attendance or admissions to finance. Parents are able to contact general enquiries or visit the main office.  

The website contains some key information for parents on our home page and parents page.  We also have internal communication platforms to support notices,  data collection and parental booking systems.

1PING is used for notices, messages and letters. Main letters can also be found on the website.

2.jpgPARENT PAY is an online booking and payment system.

3MCAS is an app that shows and stores attendance, data, consents and club bookings.  

4A weekly newsletter called ‘Keeping in touch’ is shared with families. This includes key dates and information, spotlight news, celebrations and events. Videos and photographs are included showing curriculum coverage and experiences.   

5Tea and Talks are held across the year. This informal approach allows for parents and staff to come together to share ways to support their children in their learning or development. Tea and Talks are targeted at different year groups or content, for example: Early Reading, SATS preparation and support, Staying safe on line and other curriculum areas.

 There are also many opportunities to celebrate together. This includes book looks, parent consultation and reporting, concerts and family events.

Our Instagram is also a great place to see what happens here and to share with parents and the wider community.