Outdoor Space

Nursery and Reception love the Rockpool

Our Early Years garden is nestled in the heart of the academy.  This is known as the Rockpool and provides continuous provision. It is zoned to support learning across all areas within the Foundation Stage and accessible every day. We know the importance of learning outside the classroom and the positive impact it has for children in their early stages of development. We are also an Eco-school and value learning in nature. The experienced Nursery and Reception staff engage in purposeful play and commentary alongside the children. It is a playful and happy place to be.

What Does The EYFS Say About Outdoor Learning?

The EYFS recognises the importance of outdoor learning and states that young children must have access to outdoor spaces. Outdoor learning plays a crucial role in helping children make sense of the world and grasp the basic concepts of science. 

Outdoor activities can also stimulate children’s curiosity and instil a love for learning from a young age. With the right guidance, children can develop appreciation for nature and the desire to look after the environment. 

Outdoor activities are usually linked to physical exploration and movement, which helps toddlers improve their motor skills. According to the EYFS, outdoor learning also offers opportunities for quiet time and relaxation and can help children find peace and calm.

Moreover, outdoor learning has benefits for children throughout the entire developmental cycle, from birth to 60+ months. 

The EYFS guidance doesn’t differentiate between the value of indoor and outdoor learning. They are both be equally effective as long as learning sessions are carefully planned.