What is it like to be part of  Darlinghurst Academy?

What our children say about Darlinghurst Academy:

  • We are like family. Teachers are kind and always find ways to help. They encourage us to think positively. Whenever I am sad, I can talk to an adult and soon I am smiling again.
  • The teachers challenge and support us. They encourage us to try our best and be determined.
  • I will never forget all of the incredible opportunities such as sports tournaments and fantastic school trips. Everyone belongs here – no one is left out.
  • Darlinghurst is a wonderful school, full of amazing staff and friendly children. The PE department is packed with equipment to keep fit and the outdoor learning is always an interesting lesson.
  • I would not be who I am now without my precious time at Darlinghurst and those inspirational years.
  • I always feel safe and happy and have made so many friends. The teachers are kind and inspiring.
  • I have gained important life skills, now and for the  future. I know it is much better to try something than to not try at all!

What our parents say about Darlinghurst Academy:

  • It is a caring place and part of my family’s life for many years, creating the best memories.
  • The staff show patience, supporting us with any issues.  Staff always go above and beyond their call of duty.
  • We love the Darlinghurst way and how you always make us feel like a big family. Children in your care are exceptionally lucky and have a base grounding to take forward with them.
  • Mrs Nicholls and her team work extremely hard to ensure that the education is broad, balanced and enjoyable. My son’s time at Darlinghurst has been a memorable one. He has had cross-curricular opportunities including entering competitions, festivals, clubs, organised events by the staff and PTA, including being a proud representative of the academy as Junior Governor. They give children a thorough grounding academically, emotionally and socially.
  • Staff go above and beyond to support, not just the children but families as well. Nothing is ever too much trouble.
  • We were extremely impressed by the way that the school responded in an efficient and proactive manner to Covid.
  • The live lessons have reduced stress and the juggle of working from home and learning. It creates some normality for the children, with interaction with teacher and friends.
  • I have been incredibly impressed by the quality and amount of face-to-face teaching. We have no concerns about the education our child is receiving nor the fear of her falling behind. She has embraced online learning and has become a very independent and organised learner.
  • The effort and energy the staff put into remote learning and phone calls made me feel connected and cared for. I cannot believe my son is maintaining previous skills, but also continuing to develop them remotely.

What our staff say about Darlinghurst Academy:

  • Darlinghurst is an incredible place to work with a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere. It is a vibrant, happy place.
  • Strong leadership has created a culture that is passionate about delivering exciting learning experiences, but keeps the safety, well-being and happiness of staff, families and children at the centre of all that we do.
  • I feel supported and valued as a member of staff and part of a team. There is a real sense of belonging.
  • Should help be needed, workable solutions and support is always given.
  • Senior leaders care deeply about the well-being of the staff and nothing is too much trouble.
  • There is a sense of trust and empowerment from the leadership, enabling me to grow and flourish as a professional.
  • We have a strong and committed team. Everyone is committed to ensuring that the children receive a rich, diverse and engaging curriculum.
  • We work closely together to ensure every child’s emotional and academic needs are met.      
  • We are devoted to ensure children lead healthy lives, engaging in the world around them. They are responsible citizens of the multicultural country in which we live.