At Darlinghurst Academy our values are deep rooted and underpin all aspects of academy life knowing that A – D leads to E and this is achieved through positive partnerships, ‘achieving excellence together’.

At Darlinghurst we describe our curriculum using the 3D’s

The Darlinghurst Design, Direction and Difference

The Darlinghurst Design, Direction and Difference
The 3 D’s outline our intent, implementation and impact – The ‘what?’ ‘how?’ and ‘why?’

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We call our INTENT the Darlinghurst Design

A holistic design that enables all children to develop the knowledge and skills to improve educational excellence and life chances and possess the attributes to be good citizens, who show a sense of humanity, responsibility and belonging – succeeding in a complex world.

We have an ambitious and inclusive curriculum that is responsive to need, supporting academic and personal development.  We develop learning and life skills and weave social, moral, spiritual and cultural development throughout learning and daily academy life. 

Academy values are central to our design

We promote British values 

Our curriculum IMPLEMENTATION is through the teaching within key strands.                                                      

Each strand consists of subject areas and curriculum content that supports the development of the whole child.

Each area is carefully mapped and sequenced to ensure that children develop the knowledge, skills and attributes at each stage of learning. Key Concepts and essential threads are taught to build progression and supports our children to do know, know more and remember more. 

Our Early Years Curriculum builds the foundations for this journey and essential starting points.


Our methods and practice of teaching is carefully crafted to enable this to happen.

We call this the Darlinghurst Direction.

Children and staff, follow the Darlinghurst Direction. This mantra is followed to ensure consistency and shared responsibility. The Direction is a guide and outlines the three rules and actions that we take.  It incorporates routines and habits, behaviours, participation, support and challenge, ambition and more. Put simply, this is the way we do it here.  It links to our relational approach and creates a culture of certainty and consistency.

We call our IMPACT the Darlinghurst Difference

With an ambition for all, we strive to make a difference. Through experiences and support our children gain a full range of skills and abilities that they need to be successful now and in their years ahead. Their academic and personal development enables them to be respectful, confident and self-assured. They are empowered and equipped to be: Successful learners, Prepared for Change, Active citizens, Confident Individuals and Effective Contributors