Tiny Tiddlers

Tiny Tiddlers is a weekly session that is hosted at the back of the Academy in the Harbour during term time only. Initially, the group was formed to introduce pre-schoolers to the Academy, get to know some of the staff and experience the wonderful outdoor space we have to offer. Since then, the group has grown to so much more and is now attended from babies in arms right up to Reception starting age. It’s a fully inclusive group that provides the opportunity for all that attend the chance to discover, create and do and for families to come together and form friendships and community groups, even planning trips to the park and organising events during the holidays, so the children can still see each other outside the group. The sessions runs on a Thursday from 8.50am (after the main school and Nursery have started school) till 10.45am and is only £2 a session, paid via parent pay or cash on the day and entry is via the Brooke gate.

Each week, when I open the gate, I am greeted with smiley faces, huge hugs and eager toddling children, ready to come in a explore Tiny Tiddlers. Each week we sing songs, tell stories and make something to take home too. At each session snack is provided, with some weeks the children making their own snacks to share, including icing their own biscuits or cakes. The children sit for snack and learn table manners and practise some of the skills they can transfer to when they start Nursery. Tea and coffee are provided for adults and a safe space to talk and let their children learn and explore, developing their social skills, their fine and gross moto skills and developing their imagination and language. There are also plenty of Miss Wise cuddles to go around! The children are already demonstrating the academy values of A to D and are a real credit to the families that bring them each week,

Here is what some of our parents say about Tiny Tiddlers

“Tiny Tiddlers is absolutely amazing and we enjoy coming every week. It is a lovely relaxed environment with lots of things for the children to do”

“We’re so happy to have discovered Tiny Tiddlers – what a lovely spaces to play and meet new friends. We’ve only been a couple of times so far but will definitely become regulars!”

“It’s a lovely, friendly space for the children to play and adults to chat. Thank you for having us!”

“We love being part of this wonderful group and great playful environment. It is wonderful to be able to get to know the school better which will help my son to settle in when starts nursery soon.”

“This is such a friendly, easy-going group. Lots of lovely activities for the children to engage with and the chance for grown-ups to sit down and have a chat. We look forward to each week.”

If anyone is interested in attending Tiny Tiddlers, please email mrsalexander@darlinghurstacademy.org.uk

It really is a lovely group! We have lots of fun and I look forward to it every week. So, grab a friend and come along and see for yourself and I look forward to seeing you there.