Assemblies at Darlinghurst

At Darlinghurst we host KS1 and KS2 assemblies each week. Assemblies are part of the personal development of our children and supporting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our community. Assemblies are valued as a time to come together, reflect and share. Children come together as an academy with EYFS to year 6 engaging in virtual celebrations together. They also attend assembly within their phases with a chance to learn, reflect and sing together.  Assemblies play an important part in our academy value – belonging.

Our assemblies include:

– Virtual Celebration assemblies include ‘Celebrating Excellence’ postcards,  ‘Attendance’ and ‘House points’. Every class comes together to celebrate. It also includes personal and class success.

– Values assemblies are held each week with a focused on values – academy values, British values and personal values. Assemblies are relevant and thought provoking, covering a range of themes. This includes the importance of inclusion and diversity, links to the wider world and supporting the emotional health and well being of our children.  Each half term learning and life skills units are launched in assembly and continued . During this time, children engage in assemblies that help them to learn, reflect, empathise and develop as individuals and a community. During assembly, special events, current affairs and news are shared.


Year 4 come together virtually to celebrate and motivate children to practice their multiplication recall. Certificates are shared for TTRS including improvement in speed, accuracy and a number of correct answer.

At Darlinghurst we recognise the importance of preparing our children for life and change.  We encourage our children to develop the emotional resilience and character to be successful citizens.