Parent Consultation Day

3rd August 16

On November 2nd 2015 the school was open for the first time for Parent Consultation Day. This new approach, ensured that all people who play an active role in pupils learning, collaboratively shared and discussed the social and academic start to the year.

The pupils were proud to share their achievements with their parents and to be a part of the day. There was an opportunity for all visitors to relax and enjoy refreshments together, as well as sampling food from the school dinner menu. Senior leaders engaged in events, including information sharing about curriculum and assessment procedures.

Representatives of the governing body, introduced themselves and explained their role in the school community, enjoying spending time with all partners, within our school community.  Outside agencies shared information about their services, such as The Blenheim Children’s Centre.  A book sale, promoted the schools drive to generate a ‘love of reading’, where pupils and parents shared books or walked away with a new book to share and read at home.

The school received positive feedback from school partners and aims to include some of the suggestions made, in our next consultation day.