EYFS Induction Activities


for school. With the help of Embers the Dragon and friends we can prepare for school skills together and your child’s emotional wellbeing.


Are you excited about starting school? Watch Ember’s The Dragon and Friends as they start school and share their first day.

Click here to watch all of the animated series.

Induction activity 1: A is for achievement 


We love to celebrate achievements, big and small and
we would love to hear about your achievements and milestones. Here is an achievement postcard that
you can use to share your special moments with us.

Induction activity 2: B for belonging


We hope you liked the video welcome book. Can you make a story
book about you? What do you want to tell your new teacher? Your book can
include words, pictures or even a video message.

Induction activity 3: C for confidence


You are coming to Reception in September and will be
in Jellyfish or Starfish class. We will be sending your grown ups a special
letter to tell them which class you are in. At Darlinghurst we love to explore,
discover, create and do. When you find out which class you are in can you
create or make a Jellyfish or Starfish?  What can you find out about your
Rockpool creature? On your first day bring along your discoveries or share with
us your findings on Tapestry. We can’t wait to see your very own Jellyfish or
Starfish on your first day.

Induction activity 4: D for determination 


Can you practice independently dressing and undressing . Can you
use a zip? Do up a  button or fasten so  Velcro. Have a go!

Don’t forget to
practice washing your hands as you count. Can you wash your hands for 20 or
wash your hands as you sing along to a song.


Induction activity 5: E for excellence 


At Darlinghurst we achieve excellence together.