Sports Premium



At Darlinghurst, we provide a high quality Physical Education programme and provide opportunities for the pupils to become physically confident and develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Competing in a range of sports in school and at tournaments and festivals will help to embed important British values such as fairness and respect, whilst at the same time allowing the children to build character and the chance to achieve their best.

We aim to inspire our pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and enjoy being active and healthy.

Sports Premium 2016/17

Initial allocation: £10,600

Action Plan



Affiliation fees

Southend Primary Sports Association 2014-17

SPSSA netball league

Netball tournament

SPSSA football league







Access to over 40 inter-school competitions for boys, girls and mixed teams across from Reception to Year 6. Many of these lead to county and national level competition. Competitions also serve as a vehicle for the SSCO team to identify talented pupils and offer them additional challenging programmes to accelerate pupils' development.

There is also support and CPD for staff available as a result of our membership with the association.

We are on course to enter more competitions than previous years, allowing more children the opportunity to compete and represent the school.

Specialist PE instructor

Salary for hours outside of PPA provision




Beyond class teaching commitment, our specialist PE instructors will

Increase and maintain our range of extra-curricular sporting clubs.

Establish multiple and varied school teams across all age groups.

Continue and enhance a healthy living unit which will educate all our children how to lead a positive, healthy and active lifestyle.

To identify 'non-participants' in extra-curricular sport and provide additional activities to encourage immediate and long term participation.

Continue to forge links with local sports clubs to encourage participation in clubs outside of school.

Plan an annual inter-house competition so all children experience competitive sport in a positive way.

Create a new competitive sports day programme.

Transport to tournaments

Coach Borough sports

Coach cross country

Minibus (football, rugby, rounders, cricket, dodgeball, hockey, league matches and tournament)






Without transport provided it would not be possible to take part in competitions.

Annual allocation of £500 from the sport premium budget towards the initial investment of the minibus represents a saving several hundred pounds compared to the cost of hiring a coach for each sporting event entered.

We have entered more competitions than previous years allowing more children the opportunity to compete


2x football goals

20 size 4 footballs

Bean bags



Shot puts

Plastic tennis racquets

Stop watches

Gymnastics mats












Essential for high quality PE lessons and sports clubs.

Overall total



Sports Premium Impact year on year:


Autumn term 2016

15 extra-curricular sports clubs offered (482 places)

197 girls active in extra-curricular sports clubs

285 boys active in extra-curricular sports clubs

8 competitions entered to date

104 children represented school (60 boys, 44 girls)

Spring term 2017

15 extra-curricular sports clubs offered (484)

199 girls active in extra-curricular sports clubs

285 boys active in extra-curricular sports clubs

11 competitions entered to date

113 children represented school (64 boys, 49 girls)

Summer term 2017

12 extra-curricular sports clubs offered (433)

184 girls active in extra-curricular sports clubs

249 boys active in extra - curricular sports clubs

22 competitions entered to date

180 children represented school (94 boys, 86 girls)

Notable Achievements

· KS2 Borough Sports Field Winners
· KS2 Borough Sports 3rd Place overall
· KS1 Borough Sports 4th Place
· 'Chance 2 Shine' Cricket tournament winners
· Girls Football League winners
· Boys Football League 3rd Place
· Boys Football Community Cup semi-finalists
· Silver School Games mark - Sainsburys
· 4 successful sports days


Autumn term 2015

  • 10 extra-curricular sports clubs offered
  • 154 girls signed up. 112 offered a place in a club (42 on a waiting list)
  • 126 boys signed up, 98 offered a place in a club (28 on a waiting list)
  • 4 competitions entered to date
  • 38 children represented school (20 boys, 18 girls)

Spring term 2016

  • 16 extra-curricular sports clubs offered
  • 161 girls signed up, 110 offered a place in a club (51 on a waiting list)
  • 185 boys signed up, 146 offered a place in a club (39 on a waiting list)
  • 7 competitions entered to date (inclusive of previous term)
  • 67 children represented school (34 boys, 33 girls)

Summer term 2016

  • 16 extra-curricular sports clubs offered
  • 192 girls signed up, 166 offered a place in a club (26 on a waiting list)
  • 158 boys signed up, 136 offered a place in a club (22 on a waiting list)
  • 8 competitions entered (inclusive of previous terms)
  • 86 children represented school (46 boys, 40 girls)

Future events for this term

  • Girls Cricket Tournament
  • Boys Cricket Tournament
  • KS1 Borough Sports
  • KS2 Borough Sports
  • Super Sports (Track/Field)
  • School Sports Day


  • 13 inter school competitions entered
  • 74 children represented the school
  • Teachers regularly observed 4Sports' lessons, improving the delivery of their own quality PE lessons
Notable achievements:
  • Borough Sports 4th Division Champions (1st field, 2nd track)
  • 5/6 Tag rugby 5th (20+ schools)
  • 5/6 football 8th (20+ schools)
  • 10 sports clubs offered
  • 259 children (45%) participated
  • 17% of girls from Reception to Year 6 participated in an extra-curricular sports clubs Key Stage 2 participation is greater (28%) and the gap between girls' and boys' participation levels is narrower (8%).


  • 8 inter school competitions entered
  • 62 children represented the school
  • Notable achievements: N/A
  • 8 sport clubs offered by the school