What our Parents say... LPPA

  • From his first day in Reception my son has felt welcome and that he truly belongs.
  • Mrs Nicholls and her team work extremely hard to ensure that education is broad, balanced and enjoyable. My son's time at Darlinghurst is a memorable one. He has had so many great opportunities, singing at the O2 with the choir - playing in tournaments alongside other members of the hockey team - composing and performing in the Christmas Carol at the school and local concerts. Attending a variety of clubs and organized events by staff and PTA. Representing the academy as a junior governor. I could go on! You have given all the children a thorough grounding academically, emotionally and socially.
  • Darlinghurst gave my daughter the best schooling she could possibly have had. She has become a caring young lady who wants to learn and do her very best. We are grateful to all the staff.
  • My little boy has been going to Darlinghurst for over a year. He absolutely loves it and happily attends every day. All the staff are extremely friendly and always happy to see him. He has achieved so much this year (even during the pandemic) and we have really noticed his confidence grow and the progress he has made.
  • My son has been coming to Darlinghurst Nursery. He found it easy to settle in. All the teachers are friendly and approachable. It's clear to see how much they all care for the children in their class and this was apparent during the first lockdown when each teacher took the time to keep in touch with the children via tapestry. They show a genuine interest in what the children are doing.
  • Since starting here my son has grown in confidence and his learning has progressed. He enjoys coming so much.

What our Head Boy and Girl say...

  • Darlinghurst Academy is a caring school and the teachers are really kind. When my mum was ill, teachers were extremely supportive and made sure I wasn't sad. We have a worry box in each classroom which is read by the teachers. I will be extremely sad to say goodbye to Darlinghurst because I have had an amazing 8 years here. I will never forget all of the incredible opportunities such as hockey tournaments, rugby tournaments and fantastic school trips. My progress has gone up by mounds! I'm now head girl and I would love all of the other children who attend Darlinghurst to have a brilliant time here too! Head Girl
  • Darlinghurst is a wonderful school, full of amazing staff and friendly children. The PE department is ram packed with handy equipment to keep fit and the outdoor learning is always a fun lesson - we have successfully raised three ducks from when they were chicks, who are now healthy and happy. I am head boy and I'm enjoying my position. I will miss Darlinghurst Academy when we leave next year. I've been here for a full eight years and I would not be who I am now without that precious time and those inspirational years. Head Boy

What our Teachers say... anchor_clipart_cliparti1_anchor_clip_art_07

  • Darlinghurst is an incredible place to work with a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Strong leadership has created a culture that is passionate about delivering exciting learning experiences, but keeps the safety, well-being and happiness of staff, families and children at the centre of everything that happens. It's a joy to see the children develop in the years they are with us witnessing them become capable and confident. Our families are engaging, encouraging their children to learn. We have regular positive feedback which benefits us all. It is such a privilege to do a 'job' that I love.
  • Darlinghurst Academy is such a warm, supportive place to work. I feel privileged to be able to spend my days with such wonderful children and amazing staff. My own children are way past primary age but if they were I wouldn't hesitate to send them to our fantastic school.
  • Darlinghurst is a fantastic place to work. We have a strong and committed team of senior leaders, teachers, LSAs, middays and admin staff who truly care about each child. Everyone is committed to ensuring that the children receive a rich, diverse and engaging curriculum. We work closely together to ensure every child's emotional and academic needs are met. Staff build caring and nurturing relationships with children to ensure that they meet their full potential. Also, one of Darlinghurst's strengths is that we have a dedicated team of specialist teachers that are devoted to ensure children lead healthy lives, are creative, want to keep fit and take an interest in the great outdoors. Our children are truly engaged an interested in the world around them, proving themselves to be critical thinkers and responsible citizens of the multicultural country in which we live.
  • Having worked in several other good schools I can say without a doubt that Darlinghurst is a great place to work. We have a leadership team that supports all staff in their pursuit of caring for and educating the children of Darlinghurst from Nursery through to Year 6 and beyond. Pupils at Darlinghurst know, that when they walk through the gates they are in a safe haven where their wants and needs are listened to and catered for whenever possible. The team at Darlinghurst are always willing to go the extra mile!
  • I not only work at Darlinghurst academy (where I've been for 8 years) but both of my boys have been with me at the school on their academic journey. I chose Darlinghurst for them as there was such a welcoming atmosphere when I first arrived and there is so much outside space for the boys to let off steam. I was then lucky enough to get a job as the nursery manager, where I have been ever since. My eldest son is now at grammar school and my youngest just took his 11+ hoping to get a place alongside his big brother, and this is all thanks to the care and imaginative teaching they received from each and every one of their teachers. These teachers are also my friends and colleagues, and what I love most about my job at Darlinghurst is the wonderful fun and caring people I work with every day! I love my job, I love my Darlinghurst family, and I love the care that they gave my boys.

What our PTA say... pta

  • Anyone who is thinking about joining the PTA I would urge you to do it! The 3 years I was a member of the PTA were extremely rewarding, I have gained fantastic, lifelong friends, we have raised funds for the school that would go towards enhancing our children's school experience and, most importantly, we were able to see the sheer excitement and happiness that events bought to our children and families; school discos, inflatable days, visits from Father Christmas, Christmas Fayre's to name a few. All of these events have really highlighted what a welcoming and friendly community our school is.