Assemblies at Darlinghurst

At Darlinghurst we host KS1 and KS2 assemblies each week, allowing for children to come together to celebrate and reflect. It is a special time.

Our assemblies include:

- Celebration assemblies include 'Celebrating Excellence' postcards,  'Attendance' and 'House points'. It also includes personal and class success in engagement in Times Tables Rockstar and Accelerated Reader.

- Values assemblies are focused on our academy values  A – E and British values. During this time, children engage in assemblies that help them to learn, reflect, empathise and develop as individuals and a community. During assembly, special events, current affairs and news are shared.

- We recognise the importance of preparing our children for life and change. Learning and Life skills are promoted and celebrated in assembly time. At Darlinghurst we encourage our children to develop the emotional resilience and character to be successful citizens.

Virtual assembly time

During the pandemic, we recognise that now, more than ever, it is important to come together as a community and show our sense of belonging.  Our virtual assemblies are an essential element of our curriculum.

We come together for weekly virtual assemblies in  KS1, LKS2 and UPKS2. During this time, we focus on Academy and British Values, as well as addressing key messages for our bubbles, a focus on Mental health and well-being, motivation and resilience . We also enjoy participating in special calendar events and sharing important news and current affairs. Our children also engage in the focus topic, 'News'.

During Lockdown, we have maintained our weekly assemblies via TEAMS and share video messages with our community on our Instagram. We have focused on 'Motivators' and 'Mental Health and Well-being', during this time.