Tea and Talk



Tea and Talks provide an informal approach for parents and staff to come together to talk about the curriculum and how to support children in their learning.

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Not only have the sessions attended provided information on curriculum content and approach they also provide the opportunity for parents to form friendships and parent networks. Younger siblings enjoy a play in the toddler area, whilst parents enjoy a cup of tea.

'Tiny Tiddlers – Tea and Talk' was launched in January 2023 for parents with pre-school age children to come together. This was warmly welcomed and had provided everyone to get to know each other sooner and for children to become familiar with the academy setting and staff. Friendships have formed across all ages and due to its success will continue in the next academic year with further opportunities for Tiny Tiddlers to engage in themed sessions and to be part of a Tiny Tiddler Tribe – learning outside the classroom. 

Tea and Talks for 23 – 24 - coming soon!

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