Tea and Talk


At Darlinghurst Academy we recognise the importance of community and positive relationships amongst all stakeholders. We know that opportunities to come together to share, celebrate and communicate is vital in achieving excellence together – making Darlinghurst a happy and welcoming place. With a sense of belonging we have moved away from the traditional approach to workshops and parent meetings and have introduced for 2022, Tea and Talk sessions. This has allowed for a less formal approach to meet with staff and other parents. Some sessions, facilitate talks by staff members on aspects of the curriculum and how to support your child at home. They have been well received.   

Tea and Talks provide the opportunity for parents to form friendships and parent networks. Younger siblings enjoy a play in the toddler area, whilst parents enjoy a cup of tea.

We are launching, 'Tiny Tiddlers – Tea and Talk' in 2023 for parents with pre-school age children to come together. This will further support relationships ahead of their Nursery start. 

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