Sports Premium



Sports Premium 2020/21

Initial allocation: £16,000 plus £10 per child (one off payment) Total £21,280

Action Plan



Affiliation fees

Southend Primary Sports Association 2020/21 2022/23


Access to numerous virtual inter-school competitions for boys, girls and mixed teams across from Reception to Year 6. Many of these lead to county and national level competition. Competitions also serve as a vehicle for the SSCO team to identify talented pupils and offer them additional challenging programmes to accelerate pupils' development. A double payment this year will ensure these competitions can continue for another two years should sports premium funding stop.

There is also support and CPD for staff available as a result of our membership with the association.

Membership to the Children's Health Project

Specialist PE instructor

Salary for hours outside of PPA provision


Beyond class teaching commitment, our specialist PE instructor will

Maintain our range of FREE extra-curricular sporting clubs

Establish multiple and varied school teams across all age groups.

Sustain and enhance a healthy living unit, which will educate all our children how to lead a positive, healthy and active lifestyle making exercise and being active a habit and not a chore.

Identify 'non-participants' in extra-curricular sport and provide additional activities to encourage immediate and long-term participation.

Offer active lunchtime provision, student led Play Squad working with midday assistants to create a structured, active and fun lunchtime for all children linking learning and life skills (LLS). Zoned areas offer children chances to learn to play safely and stay active using a variety of equipment. Play Squad are trained and then pass on their knowledge to their peers, encouraging them to play and broadening active opportunities and experiences for our students.

Continue to forge links with local sports clubs to encourage participation in clubs outside of school. Including fun runs, bikeathons and local charity led events.

Plan an annual inter-house competition so all children experience competitive sport in a positive way (Shaping the Future Day/Sports Days)

Maintain/Enhance competitive sports day programme for ALL year groups

Provide outside school activities and experiences for our children

Keep our children active during the Covid-19 pandemic by creating a Home Olympics house team competition, posting videos every Monday and Thursday challenging the children to complete to earn reward points for their house teams

To create new post pandemic, socially distant PE activities for our returning children.

Identify children who may have had negative experiences during lockdown and offer PE based interventions/clubs

Lead the school sports committee, create a PE survey for KS2 children and analyse results to make sure the children's voice is heard.


Vertical Jump

Gymnastic mats


Skipping ropes

Tennis rackets

Football Goals

Agility Dots

Active Lunchtime Equipment

Slalom Poles


Essential for high quality PE lessons and sports clubs.

Long Jump Pit


Funds that would have been used for travel to and from competitions and events has been re-designated to part fund the building of a new long jump pit. Giving all of our children the chance to use the long jump pit on our school grounds eradicates the loss of valuable learning time walking to a nearby school to use theirs. Adding this discipline to our athletics module will also aid the transition to secondary school for our year 6 children.



Swimming Data

73% of our year 6 children can swim 25m

53% of our year 6 children can perform self-rescue

72% of our year 6 children can use a variety of swimming strokes

Please click here to read the PE Pupil Voice Survey