Sports Premium



Sports Premium 2021-22

Initial allocation: £16,000 plus £10 per child (one off payment) £4910 Total £20,910

Action Plan



Affiliation fees

Southend Primary Sports Association




Access to over 40 inter-school competitions for boys, girls and mixed teams across from Reception to Year 6. Many of these lead to county and national level competition. Competitions also serve as a vehicle for the SSCO team to identify talented pupils and offer them additional challenging programmes to accelerate pupils' development.

Access to 'Participation' events aimed at SEND and PP children

There is also support and CPD for staff available as a result of our membership with the association.

We are on course to enter more competitions than previous years, allowing more children the opportunity to compete and represent the school.

Specialist PE instructor

Salary for hours outside of PPA provision




Beyond class teaching commitment, our specialist PE instructor will

  • Maintain our range of FREE extra-curricular sporting clubs
  • Establish multiple and varied school teams across all age groups.
  • Sustain and enhance a healthy living unit, which will educate all our children how to lead a positive, healthy and active lifestyle making exercise and being active a habit and not a chore.
  • Identify 'non-participants' in extra-curricular sport and provide additional activities to encourage immediate and long-term participation.
  • Offer active lunchtime provision, student led Play Squad working with midday assistants to create a structured, active and fun lunchtime for all children linking learning and life skills (LLS). Zoned areas offer children chances to learn to play safely and stay active using a variety of equipment. Play Squad are trained and then pass on their knowledge to their peers, encouraging them to play and broadening active opportunities and experiences for our students.
  • Continue to forge links with local sports clubs to encourage participation in clubs outside of school. Including fun runs, bikeathons and local charity led events.
  • Plan an annual inter-house competition so all children experience competitive sport in a positive way (Shaping the Future Day)
  • Focus on SEN and PP children and participation events
  • Maintain/Enhance competitive sports day programme for ALL year groups
  • Organise a mini-sports morning for local nurseries, forging links to our academy
  • Provide outside school activities and experiences for our children
  • Organise a Parent and child Health event where parents are shown ways of keeping their children active outside of school.

Transport/Mini-Bus to tournaments and Inspirational trips

SBC Coach Borough sports

SBC Coach Cross Country

SEND Swimming Gala travel (Train tickets)






Without transport provided it would not be possible to take part in competitions.


Goals x 2

Play Squad playground equipment

Mitre Footballs

Skipping ropes

Boccia Set




Children's Health Project



Essential for high quality PE lessons and sports clubs.

For the second year running we have subscribed to this health and wellbeing scheme of work. It supports our PE specialist's, giving them the resources and lesson plans to deliver a holistic programme for health and wellbeing to our children. It has four key areas each having ten topics within focusing on Healthy Movement, Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Habits and Healthy thoughts. All children engage with this Health Related Fitness module, learning how to set themselves realistic targets, choose the right foods and the links between healthy body and healthy minds.

Flood Lights for the all-weather pitch


In the winter months we have had to finish clubs earlier due to the lack of light and in some cases, cancel them. By spending £1425 on portable battery operated flood lights we have been able to continue our free to all extra-curricular sports throughout the winter months allowing more children access to being active.



Our midday assistants have attended a training session to show them how to support and promote safe and active lunchtimes for our children and support our play leaders.



Swimming Data

74% of our year 6 children can swim 25m
61% of our year 6 children can perform self-rescue
71% of our year 6 children can use a variety of swimming strokes

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