Connected Curriculum


At Darlinghurst Academy our curriculum intent is to provide purposeful, relevant and engaging experiences in a wide range of context, making connections across their learning. We follow the approach of - adopt, adapt and create when using the Edison Connected Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to connect subject areas through exciting starting points which engage, excite and motivate all. In addition, the curriculum enables connections to the lives and heritage of our pupils and their community, making learning relevant and ensuring it meets the needs of all learners.

We recognise the importance of providing a balance of thematic and discrete teaching, with an emphasis on both knowledge and skills - to this end we create our curriculum using the Connected Curriculum structured framework. The foundation subjects, History, Geography, D&T, art, music and the Core subject science are connected by theme and mapped to the requirements of the National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2. The Early Years Foundation Stage learning units are aligned with the Development Matters and Early Learning Goals. We provide RE, PHSE, MFL and SMC opportunities within our curriculum. Opportunities to develop ICT as a tool to support learning in other curriculum areas and links to programming activities are within the learning units.

We ensure links to English and Mathematics are made within the curriculum, giving opportunities to teach reading, writing and mathematical skills wherever possible, in addition to teaching discrete mathematics and English sessions.

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