Transition for Year 6 into Year 7

Preparing our children for the future

At Darlinghurst we prepare our children for change so that they believe in the power of possibility and possess the emotional resilience to succeed. 

We ensure an effective approach to supporting children through transition through a combination of strategies that support our children and addresses any common concerns and sharing of key information, with additional strategies for vulnerable individuals delivered on a case by case basis according to the individual's needs. We work alongside secondary schools, including visits to allow for a smooth transition.

The importance of a successful transition

A positive start to secondary school has long-lasting benefits.

Young people who experience a positive transition into their new school are more likely to:

  • feel comfortable, relaxed and valued
  • feel excited and motivated to learn
  • have good relationships with others
  • develop a sense of belonging within the school community. 

This positive start can make a big difference to young people's school engagement, learning and wellbeing.

Southend Borough Council Secondary School Admissions Information: 

The local authority provides parents with all the information they need for transition to secondary school

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National Offer Day 2023:  

National offer day for children beginning secondary school in September 2023 is 1st March 2023. 

Transition Day 2023:

Transition day for most Southend secondary schools is Friday 7th July 2023. Some schools may have more than one day and schools in the Essex local authority may be different. Your child's secondary school will contact you about this directly. 

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