Curriculum Design Direction Difference


At Darlinghurst we describe our curriculum using the 3 D's 

The Darlinghurst Design 

The Darlinghurst Direction 

The Darlinghurst Difference 

The 3 D's outline our curriculum offer - our intent, implementation and impact. 
The 'what?' 'how?' and 'why?'

At Darlinghurst Academy our curriculum ensures that we enable our children (no matter what stage or background) to develop their knowledge and skills to succeed in this ever changing complex world in which we live, cultivating a sense of humanity and belonging. Holistic success is central to our design as we recognise the importance of developing the whole child in order to improve their educational excellence, increase their effectiveness and life chances, preparing them for change

Our academy values are intrinsic in all that we do. Our children and staff promote and celebrate our values, knowing to always achieve their best - together we will succeed. 

We provide intentional and responsive experiences to support the development and needs of all our children. This is achieved through varied approaches and contexts allowing our children to develop the learning and life skills that they need and the determination

We want our children to have the self-belief, emotional resilience and character to succeed so that they are grow into good, thoughtful and responsible members of the community. With this in mind, we empower them to successful learners, confident individuals and effective contributors to their learning, playing active roles in their own education. 

Our methods and practice of teaching is carefully crafted to enable this to happen. The Darlinghurst design outlines this approach. Every day we encourage full participation and use timely feedback to take learning forward. We support our children to develop learning habits and follow routines so that learning is highly effective - achieving excellence together

Click below on the 3d's to gain further insight into our curriculum design, the difference it makes and the direction that we take at Darlinghurst Academy.





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During recent Nursery PE sessions, our children were developing their hand-eye coordination, negotiating spaces and learning how to control an object. They loved balancing the beanbags on their heads and enjoyed their friendly game of cricket. They were great at taking turns and working as a team. #nurseryschool #eyfsphysicaldevelopment #active4life #nurseryskills #leighonsea #leighonseaessex #leighmums #leighdads #preschooldevelopment #eyfsoutdoors #takingturns #teamwork
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Today on May the fourth we are celebrating four of our year four girls! During a weekend match they were a force to be reckoned with, taking on another team and giving it their all! #maytheforcebewithyou #maythe4thbewithyou The coaches and parents were so proud of the girls team work and determination and wanted to share their success #space #leighramblersgirls #girlsfootballteam #achieveyourgoals #teamwork #academyvalues #starwarsday #may4th
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May the fourth (force) be with you! At Darlinghurst we empower our children to be: successful learners, prepared for change, active citizens, confident individuals and effective contributors. #space #empowerment #starwarsday #starwars #may4th #belonging
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During recent assemblies, UPKS2 have been focusing on ‘empowerment’, learning from examples of others. The assembly included a powerful and moving speech by a member of staff about her personal experiences of discrimination. The assembly helped deepen our children’s #mutualrespect and #tolerance and further strengthen our academy value of #belonging. In response two of our year five girls felt inspired to write and share their own performance poetry, celebrating diversity and showing the power of pupil voice. Beautiful! #performancepoetry #celebratingdiversity #britishvalues #blacklivesmatter #giveracismtheredcard #racismtheredcard #diversityandinclusion #diversitymatters #diversityisbeautiful #poetrymonth #pupilvoice