The Class of 2021



Year 6 is a memorable year for any child. It's the year that you leave primary school behind and embark on a new adventure, closing one chapter and beginning another.

The staff at Darlinghurst feel so privileged to have worked with such a fantastic group of young people with so many varied interests and talents. We are so proud of what you have achieved – both academically and in your personal development as we have watched you grow into the kind, confident, thoughtful and determined individuals you are now – and we look forward to hearing of your future successes.

Secondary school will provide you with many new challenges and exciting memories – be confident and embrace them!

This year has been especially memorable for you. We hope that our virtual leavers' assembly acts as a token to help you celebrate your time at Darlinghurst and provides treasured memories that will last you for years to come.

To the class of 2021, 

You have worked incredibly hard and have shown such academic and emotional resilience towards everything you encounter. Your bounce ability has been brilliant and you have continued to bounce forward. Even as I write this note you are sharing your bouncy inflatable experience with the rest of the school, which reflects how inclusive you are. You model how to be caring, compassionate and active citizens of the world. Every role you have undertaken, you have given your all – the Eco team, the Sports captains, the Junior leadership team and Head boy and girl. You have all played your part and contributed to making Darlinghurst Academy and the world around us a better place. So take your messages of friendship and kindness forward and continue to show belonging.

We will never forget you. You are the year that makes the history books and part of our Darlinghurst history. The year group that overcome barriers and challenges with such determination and collaboration. You were not hindered and came out, champions. Thank you to the teachers, for being champions for our children. Your relentless drive and commitment has led to our children gaining the best experiences, regardless of the circumstances that have surrounded us. Your progress and outcomes are testament to dedication and commitment to your ambition and attitudes. You are inspirational and have set the bar very high for those who are yet to come. You are an amazing example of what successful learners are. You are prepared for change and your secondary schools are lucky to have you. I am not sure, we are ready to let you go, but you are ready to set sail. So sail on to your new horizons and continue to shine bright, ' not so little, stars'.

I feel blessed and proud to be your Principal.

Mrs Nicholls

Dear Y6 Leavers,

I am so proud of you. I hope that as you move on to your new secondary schools, that you remember to take some of the memories of Darlinghurst with you.

Remember the academy values: A-E. They will help remind you that sometimes challenges come your way, but with determination and confidence, you will overcome them. As you settle into your new schools, remember to make good choices and don't be afraid to try new things out. Be brave – achieve new things and know that you belong. This past year has been a strange time for us all but I am amazed at how resilient you have been. Know that these experiences will help shape you into the wonderful teenagers and adults that you will one day become.

Do come back and say 'Hello' to us…we would love to hear how you are getting on.

Believe in the impossible.

Mrs Hahn