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Usually, at this time of year we welcome families to the academy providing live tours throughout the day and host our open evening. However this year, with safety in mind we are able to welcome you virtually.

The Reception Virtual Tour with the Principal

Academy at Work - Early Years

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Virtual Tour with the Principal

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Principals welcome Speech
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Our open evening allows us to provide you with a glimpse of Darlinghurst Academy. It is a pleasure to welcome new families, with the hope of new beginnings but also some familiar faces within our Darlinghurst community. Our welcome, is extended to the future. Our door is always open.

I understand that choosing a school for your child, is an important decision, whether it is their first time at school or moving on to a new school. The decision and the questions remain the same. Why Darlinghurst?

Will the school meet my expectations?

Will my child be successful now and prepared for their life ahead?

Will they be happy and safe?

Will they feel inspired, engaging in learning and academy life?

Can the school, meet my child's needs?

The answer to all of these questions - is yes! And more!

We are truly invested in the lives of our children. They are at the centre of all that we do. Each day, our staff come to Darlinghurst ready to deliver a role that is critically important, vastly rewarding and in essence, to help our children become their best selves. I can think of no more important work.

In today's complex world children need both the knowledge and skills to succeed and also a sense of their humanity - the ability to respect, to empathise and to be caring individuals.

These aspects are central to our curriculum offer, increasing effectiveness and life chances.

Our actions and beliefs are deep rooted in our mission statement - At Darlinghurst Academy, we achieve excellence together. With this as our mantra we work hard to ensure every child is happy and supported in their journey with us. We want every child to grow and flourish in our care, regardless of age or need.

We know you have been their first teachers and play an active part in their education and we value working in partnership with you.

We recognise the importance of community and a shared culture.

We know that every day counts, coming to school each day, ready to learn.

Our academy logo carries meaning to our staff and our children. We make reference to setting sail in a sea of adventure and challenge, every day, with our sights set on the horizon. We believe that our children are the stars and we encourage them to shine bright, with our teachers lighting the way and supporting them on their journey. Everyone at Darlinghurst believes passionately in our academy values.

Let's take a glimpse at Early Years, where our children play happily and safely,

engaging in activities and building their interest. Our spaces support them to explore and discover, learn and create, building awe and wonder.

Our staff help our children to constantly learn and become resilient, capable and confident children. As a result, our children cooperate well with each other.

They are happy and settled and make good gains from their starting points.

Across the Academy, we encourage playful spirits, curiosity and a sense of adventure, inside and outside the classroom.

We provide intentional and responsive experiences, teaching in authentic contexts and varying situations, ensuring that learning is purposeful and relevant. Children's understanding is deepened through connected experiences so that we improve learning and develop their fundamental skills.

We support their moral development and well being, focusing on their emotional and social skills. We encourage them to be kind citizens contributing to living in the wider world, knowing that they are not only part of the Darlinghurst community but belonging to something even bigger.

They may be one drop in the ocean, but together they are the ocean!

We help our children to be;

confident individuals, active citizens, effective contributors, successful learners

- prepared for change!

So that our children believe in the power of possibility and possess the emotional resilience and character to succeed.

We strengthen character, building their confidence and determination through a range of experiences.

We install a sense of responsibility, a sense of ownership to learning and because of this, all our children play their active part.

We have active citizens who play essential roles and have a positive impact on others. Together they are focused on making sure that Darlinghurst is a great place to be. I am proud of their contributions and commitment.

Our children are effective contributors to academy life but also within the classroom, working with talk partners and having full participation in every lesson.

They are successful in learning, knowing what is expected of them and what they need to do next. With high expectations and aspirations, they achieve!

We prepare our children for their next steps, knowing how to take risks and manage change.

Our results reflect the quality of education that we provide, with academic outcomes for our children that are above national figures.

We recognise the importance of reading and place high emphasis on phonics, with extremely high pass rates against the phonics screen - 96% of our year one children passed the screening check.

We have high attainment in KS2 across all three core subjects and combined. All of which are above national at the expected standard and in line or above at greater depth.

Our children make positive progress from their starting points across reading, writing and maths, with progress, above national averages. This shows our children make better than expected progress and reach their full potential.

However, we know that success is not measured by academic outcomes alone. We celebrate achievements big and small, and celebrate the triumphs that our children have and those moments that build character and personal success.

We encourage our children to dare to dream and believe.

I could go on indefinitely about Darlinghurst and the wonderful things that go on here - It's my favourite topic! I am proud of our school but you must judge it for yourselves, as I said at the beginning - I recognise the importance of choosing the right school for you. I know many of you will be visiting other schools and we all have a slightly different feel. But I'd like to emphasise that what is special about Darlinghurst is the things you can't always see, but you can feel in the classrooms and around the school - The buzz, the energy, the sense of adventure and those memorable moments, when the magic happens!

I hope you have experienced a sense of this as you have toured the school tonight and take a little bit of Darlinghurst Academy away with you.

I hope this is the start of a journey together and bright futures for us all, today, tomorrow and for generations to come.


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