Assemblies at Darlinghurst

Assembly is a time when members of the academy come together to consider common issues or interests. It offers opportunities for our community to come together in relevant, meaningful experiences and provide opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Our assembly time contributes significantly to the ethos of Darlinghurst Academy and it is our aim to share academy values and British values, celebrate achievements and special times, explore together the community we live in and develop our community spirit.

We also intend assemblies to contribute to the development of the whole child, providing opportunities to come together, participate and respond, consider local and global issues-the wonders and worried of the world, reflect on their own beliefs and attitudes, reflect on the direction of their lives and the impact they have on their selves and others.

During weekly assemblies we focus on our academy values and British values, celebrations and singing. Special assemblies are held throughout the year in response to special calendar events, safety and relevant issues.

Key messages from assemblies are often shared in news and views and Twitter, so that all within the community hear and share key messages.

We believe in community action and make sure that charity events and community links are part of our academy calendar each year, including our local neighbours at Admiral Court, our parents, guests and visitors. We host special ceremonies, such as , 'Shaping the future' as part of our induction to the academy.


Assemblies at Darlinghurst

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