Returning to School


The information below has been shared with parents confirming their attendance to the academy  in addition to a home school agreement outlining the responsibilities of staff, children and parents/carers.

We look forward to welcoming the eligible children back and will support them in learning new routines and habits to help them to adjust to the changes. This will be shared through bubble sessions, assemblies, teacher modelling and instruction and through information sharing. Please also model the 2m social distancing rule. The staff are ready to support them emotionally and socially too.

The Academy is organised into zones. Within each zone there are small bubbles. Your child will only mix with the children within their bubble. They will access their zone through their designated gate and at their designated time. Please accompany your child to their gate at their given time. Only one adult will be able to accompany their child to the handover point. You will not be allowed on site. Punctuality is vital for the safety of all to minimise gatherings, therefore please adhere to the timings and following social distancing and markings. 

· Uniform: Please send your child to school in fresh school uniform each day. This can consist of their daily uniform or their school PE kit and items of clothing in school colours, allowing for the clean change of uniform each day.  Please send them in suitable footwear.  

· Sun Safety: As the weather is hot, please apply sun cream each morning. Should they bring their sun-cream with them, it will need to be labelled and the child will be asked to apply this independently. They will also be required to have a hat for outdoor learning. We will be using bubbles outside to teach and play. 

· Food and Drink:  Your child will stay with their bubble group at break times and at lunch. They will need to bring their own labelled bottle of water. We can provide a cold packed lunch as outlined in the attached lunch menu. Children can order their lunch choice in the morning when the register is taken, alternatively they can bring their own lunch to school. 

· Personal packs: Your child will be given a personal pack, containing their equipment or essential items for the day. This will be used each day. Children cannot share items or bring any personal toys with them. They will not need any other bag apart from to store their packed lunch.

· Handwashing: Your child will follow a schedule with designated handwashing times throughout the day. These are essential in the daily routine.  There will also be hand sanitiser used at key points. Please remind your child to keep their fingers away from their faces and to practice their handwashing. Also remind your child to sneeze or cough into their elbow and follow guidance of, "Catch it, bin it, kill it." See attachments for your reference.

· Sickness: If your child has a temperature or displays any symptoms, you must notify the academy immediately and they should not attend.  If your child is sick we also ask that they stay at home and you monitor their health. Please inform the attendance officer of their absence. If your child falls ill at school, they will be placed in the first aid room and monitored through the glass window. You will be called. IF they are displaying symptoms, you will be called to collect them immediately.

· Home School Agreement and Behaviour: We ask that ahead of their return, you read, discuss and sign the 'Home School Agreement' with your child to be clear on the expectations and guidance.  We will also be reinforcing this on their first day, along with our approach to supporting behaviour. In addition, we will provide pastoral support and safe spaces to those in need. Any pastoral or behavioural support given to a child will be discussed directly with families.

Year 6 will be located at Belfairs to provide your child with additional space to best facilitate learning and safety in preparation for secondary school. Curriculum provision has been carefully tailored to support your child with reintegration. Learning and Life Skills alongside Personal, Social and Health Education will help support your child with the change. We will continue to deliver core subjects (English and mathematics) alongside, ensuring further development of fluency and accuracy within these subject areas. This will be shared through bubble sessions, assemblies, teacher modelling and instruction. 

Should  a parent that has confirmed a place wish to withdraw their decision we ask that you notify us immediately via Mrs Lowe at  that we can update our attendance records. Any request of a later start date will be given careful consideration as this impacts on bubble groupings and staffing. A set reintegration date would (if possible) be given, in order to  avoid any cross contamination to bubble groups and giving time to consider staffing allocation.