Let's make every day count!


Punctuality brings efficiency and keeps us on track.

Did you know your child's best learning time is the start of the school day?


At Darlinghurst Academy we begin the day by opening the gates at 08:30 and they close at 08:45. This allows for children to enter the classroom and settle to early morning routines with independence and in good time.

Each time a child is late, it impacts on their routine and habits, resulting in them missing registration, reading or early morning work, along with news for the day. Their late arrival can have an impact on a child's self-esteem and understanding of what is expected of them in lessons or routines, already underway. Learning partners are often reallocated, as children work with talk partners every day. We want to help our children start each day feeling ready and prepared, setting them off to a good start. Our pastoral team and attendance officer are here to help and support.

So what happens if you run late?

· The If you arrive after the gate has closed, the attendance officer, will meet you at the front of the office and will record the name of your child, their class and reason for lateness.

· LateLateness will be monitored and the attendance officer (Miss Davis) will work with families to combat morning challenges.

Please feel free to contact Miss Davis in the office if you have any morning challenges that you wish to discuss and together we can improve punctuality and attendance.

Does being late really matter?

Minutes late per day during the school year

Equals days' worth of teaching lost in a year

5 Minutes

3.4 Days

10 Minutes

6.9 Days

15 Minutes

10.3 Days

20 Minutes

13.8 Days

30 Minutes

20.7 Days


Every day counts! Being in time does matter.

Achieving excellent attendance together

We are legally obliged to maintain records of absence. In order to keep our records up to date, on the first day of absence, or before if it is appropriate, we expect parents/carers to inform school as to the reasons for absence using one of the following methods:

· Telephone school on 01702 509205 before 9.20am

· Speak to a member of the Attendance Team to explain personally

Our school operates a first day response to absence and will make telephone contact with parents or other listed adults on the first day of absence, unless parents have been in contact beforehand. On return to school, pupils should bring a signed note/letter detailing the illness and action taken.

Family holidays in school time

Any absence from school needs to be avoided wherever possible as it can have a serious effect on a young child's education and development. No term time holidays will be authorised.

During our Section 8 Ofsted inspection (February 2015), we were advised to strongly consider using fixed term penalties for persistent absence. Research has shown pupils who have 17 or more days absence from school during just one academic year can fall behind significantly. Missing 5 days means your child will lose 25 hours of learning which equates to…

· 5 hours of maths

· 5 hours of English

· 10 hours of other lessons e.g. science, history, computing

· 6 hours of social time

2 weeks holiday = 50 hours learning and 2 weeks holiday and 1 weeks illness = 75 hours of learning!

Punctuality (please be aware that staggered start times remain for the start of September).

· 8.30am Gates Open

· 8.45am Registration begins pupils arriving after this time are late and must report to the office

· 8.55am Morning session begins

· 3.10pm School day ends

Should you require any assistance or advice regarding attendance, our Attendance Team are available in the office between 8.00am and 4.00pm and can also be contacted by telephone and email:

Telephone: 01702 509205


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