Specialist Teaching


Why do we have Specialist teaching ?


Performing Arts

Outdoor learning


We believe the pedagogy of sports and the arts affects other areas of the curriculum and really enhances children's learning, physiologically allowing better learning to happen, as well as children learning skills such as listening, problem solving, team work and resilience.

At Darlinghurst we believe that the arts, sports and learning outside the classroom engages children's creativity, interests, thinking skills, cooperative working and positive behaviours. Children who perform regularly develop a sense of audience, increased confidence and cooperation.

Central to the life of the academy is regular productions of singing and drama, taking part in productions, performance club and choir, festivals, art trails, sporting teams , clubs, competitions and tournaments. All of these support our children's personal development and talents, encouraging them to take on new challenges and creative pathways, installing the belief that with good teaching, practice and self belief, you will achieve.

Within our implementation of the curriculum we ensure that we encourage the talents of our pupils through specialist teaching, competitions and events, learning and sharing of skills and talents within sports and the arts. Our specialist team consider the connected curriculum, alongside the explicit teaching of skills. Within their enabled environments, specialists provide opportunities for specialised learning.

We have invested in our specialist provision with inclusion for all and this has been evident through being recipients of awards, which reflects the effectiveness of the provision.

PE - Within our specialist provision we deliver high quality physical provision which inspires our children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and enjoy being active and healthy. Our intent is to provide opportunities for our children to become physically confident and develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Performing Arts - Performing arts allows for opportunities to create, discover and explore. A chance for children to express themselves, be imaginative and learn and use dramatic techniques. We encourage enthusiasm curiosity and creativity. This is further enhanced within our art provision.

Art - Within our art provision children are exposed to a variety of medians and stimuli. Skills are developed through themes within the connective curriculum. The emphasis is on skills and talent, plus perseverance where all children are encouraged, creating an atmosphere for the children to create and thrive. From EYFS to year six the children take part in a vast array of activities within the art provision room and oitside the classroom. we also have visitors to the art room such as artists, performance poets and art students. Our children participate in local art competitions sharing their talents.

Outdoor learning - The academy holds a gold award. Giving ODL a focus enables children to learn outside the classroom, providing them with challenge, exciting experiences to help them learn and problem solve. We are very fortunate with the facilities both on the school grounds and in the surrounding area: we have 'Hagrid's hut' where the fire pit is kept, an outdoor learning bus with working electricity, beach huts, a big pond and lots of lovely green space where we can explore and let the children's interests lead their learning. We value the environment as an Eco school, with an active Eco Team keen to have a positive footprint on their world.

Further specialism Music - Musical opportunities are extensive, children have opportunities to learn to play a variety of instruments with our visiting team of instrumental specialists. In addition, weekly singing assemblies, choirs and music festivals are enjoyed across key stages. Our yearly school musical provides the children with opportunities to perform with determination and confidence.

Competing and attending a range of sporting and creative events and festivals help to embed important British values such as fairness and respect, whilst at the same time allowing the children to build character and the chance to achieve their best.