Focused Topic Time


Focused topics further enhance discrete subject areas, allowing children to develop and apply skills and knowledge to areas such as Computing, the News, Spanish and Mindfulness.  This year, we will also be focusing on two new whole school topics, 'Global Dimension' which explores what connects us to the rest of the world and 'How do I?' which is PSHE based. Our focused topic times are scheduled to include learning opportunities topics include:

The computer science curriculum has changed in recent years, with an increased focus on the science of computing - on helping our children have a good understanding of how computers work in this highly digital age. Whether a child grows up to be a programmer or not (and in any case, career choices are a long way off for an eight-year old!), the skills within computing are useful because many of them centre around problem-solving which can be applied in many other contexts.

Computer science covers topics such as:

· how computer networks work

· algorithms

· safety online

· variables

A new focused topic for this year is 'News'. Children have the opportunity to explore Geography and History through what is currently happening across the globe. They will look at a range of types of media such as television, the internet and newspapers and complete different tasks which require a variety of methods of feeding back what they have learnt. Through looking at current affairs, they will develop skills such as:

· questioning

· analysing

· interpreting

· discussing

· reflecting

· working with others

Spanish is something which our pupils have been enjoying learning for the past few years. This focused topic will enable children to learn and study this language in depth, building upon their vocabulary and language skills. Each year group will focus on particular context and topic area such as:

· Colours

· Greetings

· Days of the week

· Months

· Daily activities.

Mindfulness will help you to feel happier and stronger. Yet the question many of our pupils ask is how? In this topic we explore the interest and needs of each individual class. Through using many resources classes explore how to ensure they not only are healthy physically and can sustain being healthy but are healthy mentally. Mindfulness will help children understand how they feel, why they are feeling that way and how to manage and control their emotions in a safe and nurturing environment.

Global Dimension encourages learners to evaluate information and events from a range of perspectives, to think critically about challenges facing the global community and to explore some of the solutions to social, political, environmental and economic issues. Considering how they can affect these issues helps children understand that both action and inaction have consequences. This can help develop positive attitudes to the wider world and its challenges, and equip young people to make informed judgements and act with integrity. Learning about the global dimension offers opportunities for schools to address their duty to promote community cohesion. The global dimension can be understood through eight key concepts:

• Global citizenship

• Conflict resolution

• Diversity

• Human rights

• Interdependence

• Social justice

• Sustainable development

• Values and perceptions

'How Do I?' is a unit which helps develop children's core skills through themed topics such as:

· How do I deal with difficult changes? Focus on supporting learners to manage difficult changes, such as bereavement and loss.

· How do I keep myself safe? Focus on teaching learners to keep themselves safe and how to respond in an emergency.

· How do I look after my world? Focus on how to help our environment and links to Eco-schools.

· How do I look after my money?

Developing Prime areas across the Academy

In EYFS and beyond, we support children in developing;


We provide opportunities for our children to become physically confident and develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle; to have opportunities to create, discover and explore; to express themselves; be imaginative and remain curious and creative. Awareness of others and ourselves is raised through planned key events, PHSE, RSE, assemblies and workshops. We successfully met the criteria for the Equality and Diversity award, as well as attaining the 'Enhanced Healthy Schools Award'. Events such as, 'International Week' in 2018 enabled families to participate in cultural diversity with parents, children and staff taking part in shared events.