Curriculum Statement


Darlinghurst Academy curriculum statement


Darlinghurst Design

A design that enables children (no matter what their stage or background) to develop knowledge and skills to succeed in a complex world, cultivating a sense of humanity and belonging.

Holistic success is central to our design, to increase effectiveness and improving educational excellence and life chances.

Academy values are interwoven and essential to the design

A – D leads to E

Achieving excellence together

'High expectations and aspirations are clearly embedded throughout the school. The focus is firmly on providing pupils with the best possible life chances'.


'The school's curriculum and ethos are strongly committed to promoting equality of opportunity and all pupils are valued and treated equally'. 'The curriculum provides extensive provision, including developing life skills'.

Our intent is to make learning inclusive, purposeful, relevant and engaging

· The curriculum is designed to provide intentional and responsive experiences to improve children's capacities, literacies and fundamental skills, alongside their social and moral development.

· The curriculum ensures children are prepared for change and know the importance of contributing to the wider world in which they live.

· We develop characteristics and habits for life-long learning, building emotional resilience in support of managing change.

· We consider a holistic approach to support the whole child, supporting physical, emotional and social needs, considering the well-being, safety and happiness of individuals and the community. 

· The curriculum is taught in authentic contexts and varying situations so that learning is purposeful and relevant.

· At Darlinghurst we consider best practice and adopt and adapt effective programmes to create bespoke packages for our children and their learning needs.

· Logically sequenced programmes and layered lesson structures provide coherent progression of skills and knowledge at each stage of learning and a breadth of study across the curriculum.

· Skills are taught in isolation and practised simultaneously across subjects,

· We place emphasis on a mastery approach and recognise the vital importance of developing the basic skills and knowledge for solid foundations to build stepping-stones to higher levels of cognitive demand, mental processing and decision making. We know that these are complex and abstract and learning at depth involves application, problem solving and reasoning.

· Understanding is deepened through topics and connected experiences, creative first hand experiences, high quality visits and visitors that enhance and support learning.

· We consolidate and reinforce basic skills through homework and shared learning with parents. 

· We promote active learning and community action, raising awareness of the wider world in which we live.

· This translates into structures and narratives outlined within our curriculum and Excellence Framework (quality of teaching).

· The Excellence Framework (summarised by the Darlinghurst Direction) outlines the fundamentals of teaching, learning and assessment showing our commitment to achieving excellence through being responsive, engaging and intent on for success for all. 

· At Darlinghurst we are committed to building children's character and behaviours for learning so they know the power of possibilities and know that our academy values lead to excellence.

· We understand that the learning is part of a journey and prepare them for change.

· We want our children to feel safe, to express and celebrate their learning, recognising and valuing the their personal and academic growth. so that our children believe in the power of possibility and

· possess the emotional resilience and character to succeed.

Our design is implemented through authentic contexts and carefully mapped approaches

· We engage in high quality teaching and learning, following the excellence framework and direction.

· We follow routines, habits and structures that lead to success for all.

· Teachers and children engage in layered lessons, maximising teaching, learning and assessment, meeting and challenging the needs of all.

· We ensure clear progression of basic core skills through following our bespoke programmes in phonics, reading, writing and mathematics so that learning is logically sequenced at each stage of learning

· We engage in a variety of activities and contexts through the careful mapping of learning, outlined in curriculum overviews.

· Staff follow coherent progression of skills and knowledge for a breadth of study across each year group and subject, underpinned by learning and life skills.

· We 'get under the skin' of the skills and knowledge that they need by deepen understanding of that subject area or theme.

· We use perfect starting points for exciting, engaging and motivating learning so that we continue to innovate to suit our children's needs.

· We gain knowledge and understanding of a variety of different subjects but with continued emphasis on developing children's reading, writing and maths skills.  

· We enjoy and engage in discrete teaching alongside connected learning. Discrete teaching of RE, RSE, PHSE, Spanish and focused topic time gives deepens understanding and exploration.

· We develop skills within sports and arts by engaging in lessons, taught by specialist, in accordance to progressive and transferable skills.

· Teachers consider the lives and heritage of our children and community through flexibility and adaptation of the curriculum.

· All staff exemplify and celebrate the academy values, knowing that we 'achieve excellence together'.

We make a difference and impact to the lives of our children, preparing them for change

· Our design helps our children to be

· Active citizens Confident individuals Effective contributors Successful learners

· Prepared for change

· Our children demonstrate academy values knowing that A – D leads to excellence

· Our children are empowered to be Active citizens, that are confident individuals, effective contributors, successful learners, prepared for change.

· Our children develop habits and routines within the frameworks and layered lesson structures to help them to be active and successful in their learning.

· Our children develop fundamental skills that they need to build further success Children build their knowledge and understanding to develop their short and long term memory.

· Our children apply critical and creative thinking to situations, knowing how to reason and explain.

· Our children and teachers evaluate knowledge and understanding against expectations, using target cards, success criteria and next steps effectively.

· Our children become better learners, monitoring and evaluating their own learning and behaviours. They know what is expected of them and what they need to do next.

· Our children are actively involved in learning because they know that they achieve excellence together, developing learning and life skills, such as learning together.

· Our children demonstrate individual responsibility, building their independence, knowing that it is 'up to me'.

· Children and staff have positive relationships, showing mutual respect and a sense of community.

· Our children are effective communicators, contributing to conversations, being effective talk partners.

· Our children manage their emotions with an increasing sense of self and an awareness of others. They have an understanding of the importance of well-being and healthy living.

· Our children are encouraged to develop interests, talents in school and in the community, experiencing collaboration and competition. in a variety of subjects, attending and representing the academy in clubs,

· We communicate with parents and involve them in learning and celebrations to support their child and the academy.

· Our children are active citizens, contributing to learning and life within the academy, the community and world beyond.  

· So that our children believe in the power of possibility and possess the emotional resilience and character to succeed.

· The impact of what we do and what the children achieve cannot always be measured in data sets and numbers so we always try to look holistically at the whole child. We consider our children as individuals who are facing future challenges and ultimately leave us secondary school ready having enjoyed and embraced their learning experiences along the way.



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