RE curriculum at Darlinghurst

At Darlinghurst, RE is taught from Foundation stage up to Year 6. The syllabus provides our pupils with a religious education which is relevant to modern times. As our town becomes increasingly diverse in terms of ethnicity, this syllabus ensures our students can take advantage of opportunities to share experiences and learn from one another as well as the wider community. We recognise and celebrate this diversity and richness of our community and encourage our pupils to understand the impact of faith and the challenges of living by a faith in the 21st Century.

Our RE syllabus includes the study of Christianity in its local, national and global forms as well as the other principal religions represented in Great Britain (here regarded as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism). We will also be studying other religions of local significance, including those with secular philosophies.

Children at Darlinghurst learn about and from religion. They investigate the nature of religion, its key beliefs and teachings, practices, it's impacts on the lives of communities and the varying ways in which these are expressed. We teach our pupils skills of interpretation, analysis and explanation. Once the children have learned about a religion, they develop reflections and responses to their own experiences and their knowledge of this religion. This develops their abilities in evaluating, particularly with reference to questions of identity, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth, values and commitments.

We currently use the Southend-On-Sea syllabus.