At Darlinghurst, we want our children to think like mathematicians and develop a love of maths. We encourage children to develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts, develop mathematical thinking and use rich language and communication around maths and to give children the opportunity to master maths through problem solving and reasoning. Maths Mastery which guides our coverage and supports teaching methods follows the National Curriculum. This allows us to continue to focus on building fluency with number, place value and application of the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This is done through daily maths lessons when children have opportunities to represent their mathematical thinking in many different ways using concrete objects, models and images as well as more traditional ways of representing maths. They also participate in a fun, fast-paced 15 minute Number Crunch session which helps develop the children's number skills so that they can confidently apply these skills to other areas of maths e.g. area, graphs and the curriculum e.g. graphing information in history calculating the weight of animals in science.

We have a Maths Challenge to raise the profile and importance of children's fluency in number facts and times tables. The children are expected to know their focus and practise them daily and this knowledge is continually assessed and successes are celebrated with Bronze, Silver and Gold Badges. We have also included a platinum certificate for the children who beat their best time. We ask parents/carers to continue to encourage children to practise these facts and talk number in the children's everyday lives as together we can make math FUN and REAL.



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