Starting Reception


Welcome to Darlinghurst and to the first of many opportunities for us to spend together. It is wonderful to see some familiar faces who already part of our community, but equally to welcome new families who we will grow to know. I recognise that starting school is a significant milestone (for us as parents and also for our children). I too have my youngest starting reception this year. You have been your child's first teacher, supporting them to grow. We are here to work alongside families to help them to learn and flourish. Thank you for entrusting your little ones into our care. We will enjoy them and look after them. We will guide and nurture them whilst they are here in our care and hand them safely back to you each day. Welcome to the Darlinghurst family.

Everyone at Darlinghurst believes, promotes and celebrates the Academy values. A.. B…C …D…E ….

A – E leads to excellence.

Our actions and beliefs are deep rooted in our mission statement – achieving excellence together. Everyone is invested in shaping the lives of our children. We recognise that our children come with different life stories – each one unique and special. We match our provision to their needs, considering the 'whole child'. We all belong.

At Darlinghurst we are guided by our logo '- 'little boat' who sets sail on adventures, making new discoveries everyday, with our children's talents lighting the way – our children are the stars!

We are here because we are passionate about helping our children to be their very best selves. Our team provide opportunities for our children to learn and play in a variety of ways so that they develop across all areas including their characteristics of learning. We celebrate achievements big and small, knowing that each moment is a stepping stone in their learning journey.

Our team encourage playful spirits, curiosity and a sense of wonder and adventure – inside and outside the classroom. Our children are keen to explore, create and imagine as they play together. We are committed to providing exciting opportunities.

Every day counts. Every day matters – coming to school in readiness to learn. Darlinghurst is a place where everyone actively engages in academy life. We believe in positive partnerships and two-way dialogue, sharing learning at school and at home. We look forward to sharing and celebrating learning together and watching our children grow.

I cannot wait to meet all of our Reception children for 2019!

Our supportive and caring team are here tonight to share information and answer any questions you may have.