Capture_3At Darlinghurst Nursery, we provide a nurturing and caring environment for 3 and 4 year olds which supports and encourages all children to develop holistically.

We offer a term-time nursery. All children are eligible for 15 hours per week in nursery with some children being able to claim an additional 15 hours per week. Parents of children who attend 15 hours also have the option to pay for additional hours. Many children attend either the five morning sessions or the five afternoon sessions, but we can offer some flexibility over sessions. Children who are in nursery all day stay for the lunch session and can eat a school meal or bring a packed lunch.

The children are able to take part in a wide variety of play experiences that enable them to develop the skills they need to become independent and have a positive image of themselves and others, regardless of colour, creed, religion, disability or gender.

Our nursery is not just on the Darlinghurst site, it is an integral part of the school, which is of great benefit to the children. We pride ourselves in our close work with the Reception teachers, giving our children a great head start in their school career. We also get to use all the facilities the school has to offer too; we enjoy PE and music with our school specialist teachers, we use a wide variety of outdoor facilities including an astroturf area and we even have toasted marshmallows in Hagrid's hut!

Because of this familiarity, school isn't a scary place but somewhere our children feel safe, secure and happy. In fact, being positioned in the Early Years block next to the Reception classes, our children show us they feel safe and confident when they start transition into the Reception classes.

We offer a broad and fun curriculum which the children love. The children enjoy phonics sessions where they learn the initial sounds of familiar words and engage in maths sessions learning days of the week, months of the year, numbers, shapes and colours. These are very brief but fun and informative sessions where the children learn through songs and repeated refrain. We also run a library in Nursery, enabling children to have access to a variety of books in school and at home to foster a love of reading.

Parental involvement is of upmost importance to us and we encourage it as often as possible in Nursery. Each child's work is shown in their Learning Journeys, which follow them through their time in Nursery. We hold two stay and play sessions a term, a time at pick up and drop off sessions for parents to talk about their child's progress and to look through their Learning Journey. Parents are also encouraged to fill in 'Wow' moments to enable children to talk to us and their friends about their home, in their school environment. The five Nursery staff within the setting work closely within the EYFS Development Matters Framework to show progress throughout their time with us.

We have well-resourced and safe outside spaces including the Nursery courtyard garden where sand and water play take place daily, a 'secret' garden with additional activities and share an outside learning area with the Reception classes.

If you would like to know more about teaching and learning in nursery, please contact Mrs Dutton, Assistant Principal and Raising Standards Leader for Early Years by email

For questions about admission into nursery please contact or telephone 01702 509205.