Starting School


Starting 'Big' school involves a big change for your child. Those first few weeks can be quite unsettling for both children and parents. Getting used to the new surroundings, making new friends and learning new routines may have it's ups and downs, but we are here to support and nurture you all. It is normal for children to have feelings as they start to think about these changes, such as excitement about the prospect of going to school as well as nervousness about what lies ahead. Some common feelings children have during transition to school can include: excitement - exploring new activities, sadness - about leaving old friends and anticipation - about what lies ahead. Whilst parents and other members of the family may feel similar emotions, these are understandable feelings.


At times young children often have difficulty explaining in words how they feel. Instead they may show their feelings through their behaviour. Some behaviours may be easier to spot, like tantrums and crying, while others may be more difficult to notice, like being quieter than usual. During the transition to school you may notice the following behaviours emerge or increase in frequency: clinging behaviour, restlessness, avoidance strategies.

These behaviours are examples of different ways children respond to new situations. They are very typical for children within this age group and you have probably already noticed some of these behaviours during other times of change. However, if the behaviours continue, or are interfering with your child's daily life it is a good idea to come in and speak to us. Further information can be found in our settling in booklet here.

A Glimpse of

To view our Glimpse of for EYFS and KS1/2 please click the images below

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Parent Tours & In Year Admissions

Would you like to take a look around Darlinghurst Academy?

Our Nursery is open to visits all year round for 3 and 4 year olds.

We provide prospective parent tours during the autumn term for new comers to reception in addition to an open evening.

Visits for Mid-Year admissions can be arranged all year round.

Our tours are within the academy's working day so that you experience 'a day in the life of Darlinghurst'

This is a great way to see us in action and get a sense of felling about our school

-It provides you with thechance to ask those questions in the moment and talk about your child's needs

-We are always responsive to questions post visits too. Just give the school a call.

Please contact Mrs Lowe - Admissions Officer, to book a tour or if you have any questions or queries, please call 01702 478379 or email