A January message


We are looking forward to 2019 and achieving excellence together.

This year we look forward to;

Living and learning - every day

Doing things we love and trying new things

Celebrating achievements - big and small

Challenging ourselves every day

Building confidence and taking risks

Pushing forward, determined to succeed

Learning from our mistakes

Making a difference to ourselves and others

Showing we care and knowing you matter

Remembering you belong

Belonging - I cannot think of a better value to focus upon at the start of a new calendar year, working with our Darlinghurst family, showing our sense of belonging;

Within school

Within the community

Within the wider world



Each one of us is a 'unique individual' and powerful member of the 'team'.

I look forward to seeing the difference we make and the strength in our community that we build - together, this year and in the years to come.