Darlinghurst School staffing structure




Mrs E Nicholls

Senior Vice Principal


Miss K Faddy

Vice Principal
(Raising Standards Leader for
Years 3 and 4)


Mrs L Hahn

Assistant Principal
(Raising Standards Leader for
Years 5 and 6)


Mr G Turner

Assistant Principal
(Raising Standards Leader for
Years 1 and 2)


Miss S Lynch

Assistant Principal
(Raising Standards Leader for
Reception and Nursery)


Mrs J Dutton

Inclusion Leader


Mrs T Grant

Teaching Staff

Mr G Turner

Mrs C Clarke

Mrs K Dunne

Miss C Rosso

Year 6

Mr M Sykes

Mr J Eglington

Miss K Hodges

Mrs K Bermon

Year 5

Mrs E Powell

Miss H Stevens

Mrs E Rott

Mr D Cauchi

Mr K Hatton

Year 4

Mr L Porter

Miss A Zaher

Mr D Dunne

Mrs L Levy

Year 3

Miss S Lynch

Miss A Plummer

Miss D Chaplin

Mrs C Richards

Year 2

Miss D Bernard

Miss S Fenwick

Miss M Carey

Miss K Adams

Year 1

Mrs L Dennis

Miss S Riley

Miss N Whitehouse

Miss K Wise


Nursery Nurses

Miss S Gue

Mrs C Elliott

Mrs L Manley

Mrs Fennell

Miss T Broom

Behaviour Support

Mrs L Wheeler

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs J Cannell

Mrs K Dorrell

Miss C Pearce

Mrs J Bush

Year 6

Mrs M Cooper

Mrs N Prior

Miss H Daly

Year 5

Mrs K Jones

Miss L Roxburgh

Year 4

Ms Desmond

Miss D Harlow

Mrs N Fairbanks

Year 3

Mrs S Blyth

Mrs C Moore

Mrs R Ricks

Ms D Carr

Year 2

Mrs J Farrer

Miss N Charles

Miss C Slade

Miss J Marck

Miss McCartney

Year 1

Miss C Cook

Mrs J Farnell

Miss C Slade


Interventions Teacher

Mrs J Burns

Mrs J Peoples

Mrs N Cornish

Ms D Thompson

Cover Tutors

Mrs N Cornish

Mrs J Burns

Ms D Thompson

Well Being Manager

Mrs A Johnson

Specialist Art Teacher

Miss S Buckley

Outdoor Learning

Ms L Arnold

Specialist Music Teacher

Mrs H Havis

Specialist PE Teacher

Mr A Felton

Mr D Blewett

School Finance Officer

Miss S Churchman

Office Staff

Mrs C Farman

Finance Assistant

Mrs C Smith

Mrs D Lowe

SLT Admin Assistant

PA To Principal

Mrs K Holmes

Admin and Welfare Assistant

Miss S Walton

Mrs M Hydes

Pupil Services

SEND Admin Personnel Assistant

Breakfast and Acorns club supervisor

Mrs J Cannell

Acorns after school club Coordinator

Mrs J Carnell

Breakfast Club and Acorns after school club

Miss C Cook

Miss J Porter

ICT Technician

Mr P Pridham

Site Management

Mr S Clark

Technical Services Manager

Mr J Bobin

Mr M Arnold

Assistant Site Manager


Mr T Perriment


Miss J Nixon


Midday Supervisors

Miss W Barefoot

Mrs Z Bayliss

Mrs A Benge

Miss E Casbard

Mrs C Cogan

Miss A Cross

Mrs T Davis

Mrs L Dyer

Mr P Finch

Miss L French

Mrs L Fryett

Miss B Gillespie

Mr J Meehan

Ms L Reeves

Mrs K Sadler

Mrs L Simmons

Mrs P Stewart

Ms C Williams

Miss J Yeates

Midday Playleader

Miss V Huntley